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Unlock the full potential of open source with our guide! Explore various topics in our themed modules and chapters that will guide your learning journey. Let this guide be your trusted companion on the road to open source mastery.

Please note that this guide is always evolving as we are adding and modifying content on a regular basis. The best way to track changes is to watch our GitHub repository.

Module 1

What Is Open Source?

Cover open source definition, brief history, and importance. Learn how community-driven innovation empowers developers.

7 Chapters Estimated reading time30 min
Module 2

Getting Started With Open Source

Discover the fundamentals of open source and unlock its benefits! Explore the vibrant world of collaborative projects and find your perfect fit.

2 Chapters Estimated reading time3 min
Module 3

Contributing to Open-Source Projects

Start contributing to open-source projects today! Learn the basics of finding the right project and following community guidelines to make a meaningful impact in the open source community.

5 Chapters Estimated reading time16 min
Module 4

Creating Your Own Open-Source Project

Learn how to create and contribute to your own open-source project by choosing an idea, planning, developing, and building a community with this comprehensive guide.

6 Chapters Estimated reading time42 min
Module 5

Maintaining Open-Source Projects

Learn the essential strategies and best practices for successfully maintaining open-source projects. Master project management and community engagement.

2 Chapters Estimated reading time5 min
Module 6

Promoting Open-Source Projects

Discover effective strategies to promote open-source projects, engage the community, and increase adoption. Unlock the power of open collaboration.

2 Chapters Estimated reading time19 min
Module 7

Financing Open-Source Projects

Discover sustainable funding models and strategies to finance your open-source projects. Empower your project's growth and long-term viability.

3 Chapters Estimated reading time17 min